Merrick Lil Plates Grain Free Small Breed Puppy and Senior Dry Dog Food with Real Meat


In the wild, if a dog gets old it will die if it can’t hunt and keep up with the pack. In addition, dogs are allowed to move like dogs, and keep themselves very fit through daily hunting and roaming etc.

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  • Our dogs no longer live in the wild. They live in the ‘modern’ world, domesticated by humans who make all their decisions for them. Many dogs now live in environments that bear no resemblance to their natural habitat, and are exposed to many stresses, toxins and foods that put extra pressure on their bodies;
  • Today’s food chain is often depleted in key nutrients, vitamins and minerals, due to decades of intensive and chemically driven agriculture. Even though we only use organic and wild harvested ingredients in Rocketo food, much of the food that our dogs have been exposed to, and indeed also many current foods, are lacking many of the vitamins and minerals in the required levels that our dogs need to thrive. In a domesticated environment it is virtually impossible to recreate a wild diet, hence we need to add extra at times, to make up for deficiencies, or where dogs have extra support requirements due to specific health or environmental challenges;


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